"Victoria Proctor is more than a massage therapist, she's a healer. Victoria combines, in an unusual manner, strength (physical and emotional) and gentleness. The result is that, after a session with her, you feel both relaxed and vital. She is a nurse by training, and her interests in nutrition, exercise, and spiritual healing provide clients with a uniquely rewarding experience."
Charles Baum, Severna Park, MD

"Victoria Proctor brings to each of her patients a sense of calm peacefulness, and healing. Her positive energy and soothing manner make each treatment a holistic one - I emerge from each massage with a renewed strength, stress-release, and spiritual growth. Victoria's inspiration and guidance give each person under her care a peace of mind that is indescribable."
Patti Baum

"I am a 62year old active male in sports. I suffer from teoarthritis in my joints that impairs my mobility at times. Because of my weekly treatments from Victoria and my bi-weekly acupuncture, I am able to play seniors basketball three days a week for two hours. The deep tissue treatments and stretching that she provides make it possible for me to continue to play sports on a regular basis. I highly recommend Victoria to anyone who is in need of therapy for their body."
Tony Hawkins, Baltimore

"I have had a pervasive yet illusive pain in my hip joint for over 4 years. After enduring both invasive and chiropractic procedures with only moderate and temporary results, I allowed Victoria Proctor to work on the afflicted area. Imagine my surprise when I realized that the pain, which caused me a great deal of emotional distress as well, was gone...and to date has not returned. The habits that I adapted to accommodate my discomfort must now be challenged as I am able to sit and lay in the same position for long periods of time with ease. I sincerely thank Ms. Proctor for her amazing work and I highly recommend her services."
Karen "Sati" Williams, Ohio

"In one year's time, my lifestyle has improved greatly due to Victoria's expert advice on the importance of stretching and exercise as a part of my daily routine. In terms of her therapeutic healing massage services, my flexibility, circulation, and general mobility are better then ever before! I would highly recommend Victoria's services to anyone wanting to sincerely improve the way they feel, and their way of life."
Mike Chapman, Arbutus, MD

"On behalf of the families and staff of St. Jerome's Head Start, I would like to thank you for your support of the Silent Auction at our Sixteenth Annual Bull Roast. We had a very profitable Silent Auction, and this was largely due to the quality of our items. We are extremely grateful to you for your donation of a Natural Himalayan Salt lamp and Therapeutic Healing Massage. We could not have done it without you!"
Sincerely, Mary Gunning, Director

"Victoria Proctor performed a cooking demonstration for the graduate students this past Summer. She showed us that not only is it possible to cook 2-3 dishes under 40 minutes, but the dishes are actually healthy and taste good. Her enthusiasm was contagious and we learned a lot about food choices. Thanks Victoria for sharing your food and knowledge!"
Judith Pollack, PhD
PROMISE Coordinator University of Maryland, Baltimore

"Over the past few years I have experienced massage therapy with several different massage professionals and must say that Victoria’s healing massages are absolutely superior. In addition to her professionalism and extensive knowledge of human anatomy, Victoria is a caring therapist sensitive to my needs. She creates a calming environment, and when receiving body work from Victoria, I feel profoundly nurtured. As she works on my body, the tension and aches start to melt away, and my spirit becomes invigorated and refreshed! This is a feeling that lasts for days. Body work with Victoria is an exceptional experience and I would recommend her to anyone who is serious about doing something rejuvenating for their body and spirit. To accentuate the massage experience, I would also highly recommend the aromatherapy treatment. It adds an even further healing and calming dimension for the senses!"
Belinda Davis, Beltsville Maryland

"Victoria is not only an amazing body worker, but a very goal-oriented holistic health and fitness consultant. On October 10, 2009 I completed my first half marathon (13.2 miles), my first race since high school 30+ years ago. I attribute this achievement very directly to the professional guidance and support of Victoria. From the inception of the plan, Victoria helped me to establish realistic training goals that I could accomplish. She gave advice on proper eating, diet supplements, stretching, running and breathing techniques, and core strength building. Throughout the 5 month process Victoria was never failing with her encouragement and unwavering belief in my personal success. I am thrilled with my accomplishment and have already begun talking with Victoria about reaching my next fitness goals."
Belinda Davis