About Me

/sites/default/files/u1/page_images/about_victoriaAs I stated earlier, I am holistic health counselor, massage therapist, a registered nurse (RN), and a Masters prepared Exercise Physiologist. I created Victoria's Touch a Life several years ago, because I literally wanted to be an instrument of change for people; a facilitator of healing for those who did not know what to do or where to go. It is truly my very own personal life that has me here in this moment doing what I passionately do every day. So let me share a bit of my story with you.

I was born and raised in the Projects of Brooklyn, NY by a single parent (my father died when I was three weeks old). As a child growing up in the wonderful "hood" or "ghetto" of Bedford Stuyvesant, I thought I was living large, I really did. My needs were met. I had lots of friends and the freedom to express myself. I was a very outgoing, confident, and secure little girl. A little head strong and determined, but a good kid nonetheless! Sounds pretty healthy to me! My mother was a tough but fair woman. She raised us as well as she could considering she was a young widow having to raise 4 children on her own. My mom had me "late in life" as it was considered back then (she was 40). I am sure I was not a planned pregnancy but "amazing grace" would have it no other way…I was born! I am that I am!!!

We ate well every day. But our diet was a typical diet that most black people consumed. You know, healthy food made unhealthy by adding "stuff" to it (lol)! The "stuff" added was surely good though! Greens were seasoned with "fat" meat, cornbread made with a little “fat” grease, bread was white (no crust for me, thank-you), meat was white alright…pork chops, pig tails, feet and knuckles, fried chicken, fish, and pig guts. And the drink of choice was the world famous…Kool-Aid. You get the picture! But that was how folk ate "back in the day" – some still do. But let me assure you, my mother, aunts, and older female cousins could cook some food and what a blessing to have plenty and to never know hunger! Unfortunately, I did not inherit my family’s cooking skills…

We moved to Maryland when I was 8 years of age. I received my education in Baltimore. I was considered "gifted" but I would rather say I was “determined.” I attended Western High, an all girl public high school, and became a standout sprinter and high jumper while there. I went to Frostburg State College (now University) and received a BS degree in Psychology and a minor in Biology. I was also an “All American Track Star well at Frostburg (see my athletic bio for more). I attended The Johns Hopkins University School of Nursing and completed the accelerated program (13 months) to receive my BS in Nursing. I received my Masters Degree from the University of Maryland at College Park, in Exercise Physiology. After many years doing research in the department of Neurology/neurovirology at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, I started my nursing career at the Kennedy Krieger Institute (KKI) for Children. I have basically been at KKI for almost 17 years.

Although I believed in my heart that my personal calling was to serve others, something was missing. I wanted to serve in a more personal way. I wanted to help create a healthy world, but was not sure how to do so. Everyone I knew wanted me to get them in shape. I knew how, but did not have the knowledge to explain it all. So, I went back to school and got my Masters in Exercise Physiology.

During my graduate education, I learned so much about the physical body and the physiology of the body. Graduate school was easy to a degree and very difficult at the same time. I loved all that I was learning, but at the same time I was facing very difficult family problems, which made completing my degree almost an impossible task. But thank heavens for Dr. James Hagberg! He was my advisor (my angel) and literally almost held my hand as I completed my 100+ page research thesis. He gave me a sign that hangs in my home office to this day that says, "BELIEVE." Without Dr. Hagberg's encouragement and belief in me, I would not have finished my degree. In fact, life was so challenging that I hardly remember my last year of graduate school.

Shortly after graduate school, I took a spiritual journey to India. Having practiced Siddha Yoga Meditation for over 15 years at that point, I wanted to go and experience life at our Mother Ashram in Ganeshpuri, India. The experience truly changed my spiritual life forever. I felt at home in India. I truly felt at home and completely at ease there.

Upon returning from India, I felt that I had to learn more about spirituality and the healing arts. So I did what came natural to me, I went back to school! This time I attended the Baltimore School of Massage (BSOM) and became a certified Massage Therapist. Upon graduation and starting my own home-based practice, I also taught at the BSOM for a few years. It was during that time that I realized my students, clients, and even myself needed so much more to create a healthy life. As I read and learned more about nutrition, spirituality, and wellness, I started "itching" for more knowledge. So I started reading about complementary medicine, integrative medicine, holistic medicine, herbs, crystals, aromatherapy etc.

I attended my first Complementary Alternative Medicine (CAM) Conference in 2006. I sat in on a talk about "Food as Medicine" given by an amazing woman Dr. Susan Lord from the Center of Mind-Body Medicine (CMBM) in DC. Her talk had me on the edge of my seat (literally). Who was this awesome woman, where did she come from, and would she adopt me! I boldly went up to her and asked her how could I learn more about this Food as Medicine stuff! And the rest is truly history in the making. Attending that conference opened my eyes, my mind, and my spirits in so many ways. Susan was truly the catalyst that got me started on my amazing journey in holistic health and food as medicine. I will forever be grateful for the change she allowed me to see and to be. My commitment to the CMBM will be life-long because they have afforded me so many opportunities to learn and to grow.

I attended the Institute of Integrative Nutrition (IIN) in NYC under the amazing mind of its creator Joshua Rosenthal. My education at IIN was simply short of unbelievable. The instructors were world class and my classmates (almost a 1000) were literally from just about the four corners of the earth. We came together in NYC every month to learn, grow, grow, grow, and change.

So here I am today, still growing, still learning, and still changing. I bring to you all that I know today and will give to you all that I continue to learn in the future!